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Daria Kostenko

Daria Kostenko writing for “The model” my book soon to come out.


Sunset in Brooklyn

As a photographer I am always following the light in order to make good pictures. Sunset light last probably for 10 minutes but the textures, shapes and quality that this light brings to pictures is incredible! This is the case of this photograph. While I was with Brent and his model friends at the rooftop hanging out I shot this photo.


Close up

“Your eyes show the strength of your soul.”
― Paulo Coelho


Brent and Sean

Every time people see this picture ask me what was happening. I accept it’s a weird photo and personally maybe that’s what I like about this photo.
I was photographing Brent during a photo shoot with Sean P. Watters at his studio in Harlem when I got this shot.
I am grateful with Sean for giving me such access in every shoot!


Backstage with Daria

Fashion shows are always fun to shoot, what is even better is to be shooting backstage and be a part of that crazy environment! Designers, models, stylist everybody is running all over the place to make models look as perfect as they look on catwalks.



Ashley at a fitting with Sue Ann, pattern maker located in the fashion district of Manhattan.


look a this punk

Brent at Edwin D’Angelo’s after party.



Self-portrait by Adam.
Great shot, thanks for sharing!


The guy who cooks II

Adam works some nights a week at ACME a new restaurant in Soho. You now where to find him…